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what is keyboard?describe the enhanced keyboard and its segments.

Keyboard is the most commonly used input device. it is mostly used to enter text and numeric type data into the computer. the buttons on the keyboard are called keys.the keyboard contain keys for all alphabetic characters. numeric s digits, and special characters. it also contains some special keys known as function keys. a standard keyboard contains more then 100-keys. the standard keyboard is also QWERTY keyboard. this is because the first six leftmost keys on the top row of alphabets are Q,W,E,R,T and Y. the standard keyboard is shown in figure below.
Parts of keyboard
the keys of a standard keyboard can be divided into following four parts:
1)   Function Keys
2)   Main Keyboard
3)  Numeric Keys
(1)Function keys
there are 12 function keys on the top of keyboard that are labeled  as F2,........,F12. these keys are used to perform special functions. the function of each function key depends upon the software being used on the computer. when a function keys is pressed, a command is sent to the computer. for example, in many software's, the function keys F1 is used to get help about the software currently running on the computer.
(2) Main Keyboard
the main keyboard area is like a typewriter keypad. it includes alphabetic character keys, numeric  keys and some special command keys. the function of command keys depend upon the software being used on the computer. some of the most commonly used command keys are:
Esc:   Usually, this key is used to cancel the current action or  task that is being performed on the                                                                                                                                        computer.
Tab:   it is used to insert a tab(space of 6 or 8 characters) into a document from the current position of cursor.
CAPS LOCK:   it is used to change lowercase letters mode to uppercase and vice versa. the number and symbols are not effected.
SHIFT:    it is used to type some uppercase letters if you are typing in lowercase mode and vice versa. similarly some keys have two symbols printed on them. by default, lower printed symbol or letter is type. To type, the upper symbol, the Shift key is pressed in conjunction with that key.
Ctrl:     Ctrl stand for control. it is used in combination with other keys to apply commands to the computer. for Example, in many applications Ctrl + S shortcut is used to save the current document.
Alt:     Alt stand for Alternate. it is also used in combination with other keys to apply commands to the computer.
Backspace:   Backspace is used to delete  a character to the left of the cursor. the cursor is moved one position backward after deleting the character.
Enter:         Enter key is used to insert new line or paragraph into a word document (or any text editor). it is also used to perform a selected command or action.
(3) Numeric Keys
this part of keyboard consists of numeric keys and arithmetic operator keys. these keys are usually located on the right of the keyboard. these keys are similar to calculator keys. this part of keyboard also has an extra Enter key and Num Lock key. the Num Lock key is used to activate or de-activate the numeric keyboard.
when the computer is in Num Lock mode, these keys are used to enter numeric data and mathematical operators (such as /, *, _ , + ,).

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