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what is monitor?Also describe the characteristics of monitor.

Monitor is also called display screen. it is a commonly used output device. it is used as soft-copy output device. the output may be in the form of text, graphics and video.
Type of Monitors
Monitors are divided into two types:CRT Monitor and flat-panel Monitor.
Characteristic of Display Screen
Monitors are catheterized according to the following parameters:
1.   Size
2.   Color
3.   Resolution
Monitors are available in various sizes. The common sizes are 15,17,19,21, and 22 inches. The large size monitors are more expensive. The size  of monitor is measured diagonally from one corner to other of the screen.

Today,most of the monitors show output in multiple colors. The commonly used monitor is the RGB screen. RGB stands for Red, green and Blue. RGB monitor can create 256 different colors and thousands of variations of these colors.
Some monitors show output is single color. These monitors are known as monochrome monitors.Today,these monitors are rarely used.
The monitor's screen is divided into small dost. These dots are called pixels for picture elements. the pixels are arranged horizontally and vertically. the number of pixels on a screen is called its resolution. the monitor's screen that has large number of pixels has high resolution. High resolution monitors have (2000)(200) pixels. the resolution refers to the sharpness and clearness of an image or picture.

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