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what is mouse?describe its functions.

Mouse is the most commonly used pointing input device. it is used to control the cursor or pointer on the screen and give commands to the computer. it is very easy to use the mouse is attached with the computer by a cable or wireless connection.

the top of mouse contains one wheel and 2 or 3 buttons. these buttons can be clicked or double clicked to perform different task. For example, an object (icon) on the screen is elected by clicking the left button of mouse. similarly, a program or folder is opened by double clicking the left button of mouse.

Types of Mouse
the most popular types of mouse are as follows:
1)  Mechanical Mouse:   it has a small ball at the bottom the ball rotates as the mouse is rolled aver a flat surface. Usually, a rectangular rubber pad ( known as mouse pad) is used as flat surface. As the mouse is rolled over the flat surface, the pointer moves in the same direction on the screen.
2)  Optical Mouse:  it has no ball at the uses the laser technology to detect the mouse movement. Nowadays, it is commonly used in personal computers(PCs).

A trackball is a pointing input device. it performs functions like a mouse but it is a stationary device. it has a movable ball on its top. the ball is rotated or rolled with fingers( or palm of the hand) to move the pointer on the screen.Like mouse, a trackball also has button used to send the commands to computer.
Touch Pad
Touch Pad is a pressure-sensitive pointing input device. Touch pad is also known as touch pad. it is also stationary device like trackball but it has no moving parts. it is a small, flat surface (or sensitive pad) over which a user slides fingertip to move the pointer on screen. touch pad also has one or more buttons. these buttons are located near the pad. these button work like mouse buttons. touch pad is normally used with laptops.

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