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explain the benefits of networking?

Benefits of Networking
The main benefits or uses of computer networking are as follows:

                            Using a network, different people can communicate with each other all over the world.people can communicate at very low cost via e-mail, chatting, telephone, video telephone, video conferencing,groupware, and SMS service etc.

Data Sharing
                      Data or information can be shared among different users. Any authorized user can access data stored on other computers on the network. for example, on the internet, large number of internet users can access same database.

Sharing Resources
                               In a computer network, resources such as, printers, scanners, plotters, CD-ROM drivers, hard disk and modems can be shared among different users.

Sharing Software
                            In a computer network, usually application programs and other software are stored on the central computers. Users connected to a network can access these programs or software.
Saving Money 
edu-computerscience                        An organization can save a lot of money by sharing different devices such as printers, scanners, plotters, and large hard disks over a network. Without a facility of network, these devices have to be arranged separately for each user. It becomes very costly for an organization. Similarly, different software's can be shared over a network instead of purchaing  separate copy of the software for each user.

Data Security and Space
                                        Computer network provides a centralized data storage.Data can easily be managed. similarly, security features can be implemented easily.

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